Are you here looking for how to grow your ideas and turn them into reality, you are at the right place.In this article, I will take you through some key goals that we as businesspersons we need to take care of, what you need to do,  suggest to you the most business that require less capital to start and that you can start the next day , the deadly sins you should not think of  and  how you can know if you have the heart for business .sounds well?

Okay, here we go, key goal number one.

1.Believe in Yourself that you can make it at first attempt.

To fly high in the business line, you must do the above {believe in yourself and trust your abilities}.That makes sense? Believing and trusting in yourself that you can make it in business arena has been a major challenge to many people who have the potential to prosper. As rule of thumb, Confidence in yourself matters a lot in whatever you undertake. However, Many people undermine their abilities because they feel they don’t have enough knowledge to venture into business. Business has no age bracket, anyone can venture and become prominent. what the solution to this, You only need to listen to the positive things that people say about business and learn from them.

See this,  Thomas Edison opened ten thousand different businesses and all collapsed, he then said he, ” I have learned ten thousand ways that this won’t work”.Therefore, Failure in business does not mean you are not fit to start another business, everyone fails at some point in his/her life, but the action you take is what matters.Believe you can always.

2. Think smart always.

How is this possible.leant and understand that you are not the only one in the market to start a business, you must think smart? this is the way, sit down, relax, decide and write down which way to go, who is your key target, how you will earn the heart of the customers. with all that, you will have done yourself a favor. secondly, attend business-oriented meetings, summits.while holding a discussion, look at the eyes of the person talking and don’t think about how you will interrupt him/her to make your point. NO! Intelligent people don’t fight to win arguments but focus on gaining insight out of the argument. They acknowledge points made by other people and counter check them before agreeing with them or kicking them. What am I trying to say!

  • Do enough research about your business before starting it.
  • Gather all the relevant information regarding your business.
  • Get to know why other people who tried this business failed and how the resurrected.
  • What are the challenges that businesspeople face and what they offer as the solution to their challenge                                                                                                  Familiarising yourself with the above points gives you an opportunity to have prior knowledge of what you are likely to face and look for ways in which you can overcome the challenges.

Write this down, it’s very very important.learn how to run the business different from the others. Stiff competition forces business out market since it reduces its market share.Be innovative always.

3.moving to reality stage
Like I said, business comes from an idea.simply what you decided to go by. Take that small piece you wrote your ideas down and move to the third level where you need to put your plans into reality. However, this is the most challenging stage for most if not all entrepreneurs. It requires your commitment, time, capital, relevant advice and all that helps you grow your ideas into reality.

Some of the business ideas that require little capital to start and that cant can help you fund your big ideas someday but have high returns include:-

3.1 Selling Trained Dogs
Security is a basic need for any living thing.  A trained dog will alert you when an intruder sneaks into your compound.important of having a dog at your home.how can we earn from this?

You can start selling trained dogs and be a millionaire is the shortest time possible. All you need is dog rearing permit, vaccination fee, dog transportation materials, a male and female dog of a German Shepherd Dog. I have chosen Germany Shepherd because it is easy to train. The pair will bear puppies that you will train and at the age of three months, you start selling each at $ 10 (US Dollars). A bitch delivers five to ten puppies. Within a period of four months, you will have around $ 60 (US Dollars). A bitch delivers twice a year, which means before the year ends you will have like $120 (US Dollars) in your account. If you have more than five bitches you will be fetching a lot of money within four years.

3.2 Shylocking
People are working hard not to live beyond their means.we all agree to this, right?.High living standards have made people keep on knocking on the financial institutions’ doors looking for loans at low-interest rates. Here is the secret, business of selling money has high returns but has high risks. Suppose you lend someone your money and he/she dies. You will be forced to write off the debt and that is a big loss. Some people can even borrow and refuse to refund you the money together with interest the money attracted.right?In order to make it in this business, you need to have the license from the relevant authorities so that you can sue whoever declines to pay back your money. Also, take an insurance cover against the money you lent. You can start the business with around $ 1000 (US Dollars) and make sure every dollar attracts certain percentage. Your money will work for you while seated on the couch perusing the records of the people who have your money.

3.3 Gambling
This one! no! no! no! the sound of the majority, right? I know, some of you are shaking your heads when you heard me saying gambling. Yes, I said, gambling. This is a business that does not require more energy but smartness in team selection. We see over the television how some people have hit the jackpot and you wonder how the miracle works?.that ain’t a miracle but smart way of analyzing the games, getting all possible outcomes and placing your bet with a word a prayer.Gambling requires your strong analytical skills before you place any bet. I just said that.All you need is a piece of paper and a pen. Analyze that week jackpot and place your bet. Wait until the last whistle of the last game in your jackpot is blown. You will walk smiling all the way to the bank if your choice was right.

3.4 Carwash Business
People are working to uplift there living standards. We are witnessing traffic jam in every corner of the town. This means people are investing in cars for convenience purposes. In the next five years, every household will have a family car. Carwash business will be booming. Carwash business requires towels, a bucket, a water tank, and car washing machines and erect a shade. The good thing about this business is you can combine it with a café where Clients can have tea while waiting to be served.

Raise cash then get back to the original ideas. Don’t earn enough funds you let go of your old gold{ first idea}.NO!. Likewise, that doesn’t mean you let go of this capital-raising option above NO!, be wise and manage them all.Definitely, you have established multiple money generating incomes without your knowledge.

Here are the don’ts.Please, never ever do the below unless you want to give up on the business world. Understood?

  • . Sitting on your Dreams
    Lupita Nyong’o said ‘your dreams are valid’. Everyone can achieve his/her dreams. What depends is the route you take. Some take the very long route, others take a short route while others just relax and wait for God to open the doors. Sitting on your dreams is the worst thing you can ever do to yourself. What do I means when I say sitting on your dreams? This is where you have an idea and you choose not to do anything. Peter in the Bible said faith without actions is dead. Where there is no struggle there is no progress. You need to walk out of your comfort zone and put efforts to achieve your dreams.
  • Listening to Yourself Alone
    There are people who want to make decisions alone and execute them alone. We all know group decision making is time-consuming but it has its own merits. Sole decision making is full of biases. if You want to see your idea come true so you only consider the positive side ignoring the negative sides and overlook things that can hinder you from achieving your dreams.

Conducting a group discussion provides an insight to you since every group member comes with a different idea and perceives things different. This means you will end up making the right decision. Having discussions with management experts can make you improve your business ideas since they have experience and professional expertise.

  • Time to Nature Your Ideas
    Always make a point of having intra-conversation. Sit down to examine and reexamine yourself. Know who you are, your abilities, your strengths, and weakness. If you don’t know your strength, start by conducting SWAT Analysis. You cannot start a milk business if you are lazy to wake up or if you cannot keep high standards of hygiene. The business will collapse within the first two days.Be wise enough.
  • Asking for Ideas from the Unhelping Hand
    Sometimes you might find yourself sharing your business ideas with people who are not happy about the idea. They will work hard to frustrate you by sharing your ideas with your competitors who may adopt some strategies that may be unfriendly to your business such as reducing their prices. Such people can even lower your self-esteem by showing you how your ideas are irrelevant and you are very far from meeting them. Such people fill your ears with negative things until you are convinced that you cannot make your business idea true. You should always avoid such people. Not every person can be your savior.

4.Ways to know if you have the Business mind in yourself, 100% guaranteed.
a}Compliments by the Third Party
Even at the tender age, you can realize if you have business ideas or not. Our friends or bosses make some comments that can either be positive or negative. They tell you whether you have business ideas or not from your daily actions.The things we did at the tender age can tell if we a business-minded, it’s like a call from God.If ever received the above compliments, you can make it.

b} Love for Business
Passion is the burning desire in our hearts that pushes us to do something. People who have the passion for business starts constructing small kiosks even at the tender age. These people believe they can convert everything into money without struggling. Many prominent business people are not even educated but have followed their heart desires and perfected their business ideas. They are serious in running any business.

c} The  Position you hold at your current job.
In case you are a sales manager and you can make sales returns of over million per month, then count yourself as a businessperson. You can run your own business and do well. The job positions we hold at work can also help us discover our strengths. Improving a company sales is a clear indication that you can start your own firm and run it effectively.

d}The inner feeling/heart desires

It may reach a stage in life whereby your inner feelings and your heart gets interests for business as a result of attending summits, business meetings or meeting new people who talk all about business and how to get started. Never take much time to think of this because the longer you take, the more the plan dies. Remember you have no passion and therefore it’s a temporary feeling if not acted immediately. what you need to do is, get back to the first line of this article and start from there and thank me later.



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